Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shrinking Cell Phones and Web-Lectures

First of all, a new Repiphany! page is up. Here is the comic for your viewing pleasure.

As usual, click here for the full-size.

The cool thing is I believe that vocal-chord phones are really on their way. My nanotech course has been worth-while, if only because it's helped me to discover what can be done on the tiniest of tiny scales. The time is not too distant when our phones and music players are literally a part of our bodies. Think of what the social consequences of that would be! Constant connection to the outside world. An end to texting? Never having to buy earbuds again.

It's a scary thought, but hey, it's the next step. The light bulb probably freaked a lot of people out in Edison's time, too.

Speaking of scary thoughts thoughts, check out TED. It's a video lecture website featuring a host of speakers from Richard Dawkins to Anna Deavere Smith. For about 20 minutes each, speakers provide their thoughts on issues from the American character, to believing in crazy things, to UFOs, to the faulty wiring in our brains. So far every talk I've listened to has been engaging, and many of them have been genuinely funny! Thank you to Roman for this treat.

Also, read JFK's Commencement Address and American University on June 10th, 1963. I don't think I've ever read a more eloquent speach advocating for peace.

Best of Luck!


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