Friday, February 13, 2009

More webcomic hilarity!

Hey folks,

I'm currently working on a new strip that I hope you'll all enjoy. It has a different format and a different color scheme, and is a little more serious than my work so far. I plan to post it sometime this weekend, while I'm avoiding the presentation for my Politics and Relgion course. In the meanwhile, I thought I'd post one of the first strips I ever drew with a WACOM tablet. Here I explain (sort of) what Repiphany! would all be about. As you can see I like the idea of breaking down the 4th wall.

A full scale version may be found here.

I think this strip convinced me that I could produce something minimalist and still enjoyable. By the by, I'm contemplating picking up a copy of Adobe Illustrator. Add some vectors to this craziness. Does anyone know where I could find a cheap copy?

Happy Friday. Enjoy President's day. (Lincoln was teh hardcorez)

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