Friday, February 20, 2009

New Comic Shadow of the Colossus Speed Run

A new strip went up today!

Full Size version heah.

I am really, truly starting to love illustrator - it's wonderful to have such clean, flowy lines! I'm also very happy about Jesse, who among other things enjoys the occasional game or two. When she suggested without my prompting that we play a round or two of Halo, my jaw literally dropped. To top it off, she even enjoys the West Wing! If I can just coax her into politics and get her to quit smoking (I know better than to actually push on either of those points) I am well on the way to be dating the perfect woman.

Take a look at some videos from the truly talented J. Mitchell, who is something of a legend on the Youtube Shadow of the Colossus Speedrun community. For any of you who have played SotC, you know that taking down a colossus for the first time can require a lengthy committment of time. I personally recall that my first attempt at the final boss, Malus, took almost two full hours! watch how fast Mitchell pulls it off.

So impressive! Don't bother trying to replicate this - it's nearly impossible. Instead, go check out some of the other videos I posted. Even someone who hasn't played the game can appreciate the skill with which these videos are executed.

Speaking of videos, Jesse is coming over tonight. We are getting drunk and watching either Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Pricess Mononke. Which would you prefer? (Last week we saw Casablanca, and it was fantastic! I reccomend it to anyone who hasn't tried it.)


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